Why are guests unhappy with the quality

of the Internet in the hotel?

- Incorrect number of access points, placement or setup.

- The hotel uses a “home” router that is not able to cope with the 

   high traffic.

- Wrong choice of equipment: It is necessary to consider bandwidth 

  of the access point, the radius of coverage and other parameters.

The importance of Internet quality

Guest’s expectations of “paid” and “free” Internet are relatively the same. Very slow free Internet is often not advantageous, but only serves to disappoint guests and “lowers” the level of service.


Collecting statistics

The ability to collect and analyze statistics on the number of users, their needs and preferences.

Advertising and promotion

Special offers and promotion of goods and services on the welcome page.

Additional sources of income

Additional advertising platform on the welcome page that can generate revenue.

Investment protection

Flexible extension of capacity on the actual needs of hotels.

Brand support

The welcome page can be designed in accordance with the corporate style brand of the hotel.

Cost minimization

Reduction of staff costs, thanks to automatic setup of guest devices and efficient support service.

Return on investment

Fast return on investment and efficient support service.

Maximum guest satisfaction

Positive feedback and recommendations.

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